Our Programs

Graphics Designer

This course will help you to unlock your creativity and self-assurance to create good graphic designs through the understanding of the principles of design and its elements with real-life projects.

Front-End Developer

This course lays your foundation in the Web Development industry. You won’t just finish this course as a web developer but would have a clearer vision of how to navigate the industry going forward.

Digital Marketing

Learn the key marketing skills most in-demand today: omni-channel marketing, marketing analytics, social media strategy and analysis, and data-driven customer-centric approaches to customer retention.

Digital Journalist

Digital Journalists are specialist journalists who are specifically tasked with creating news content for online. Day-to-day you will be researching, verifying and writing stories, and then sourcing image, audio or video to illustrate them.

Coming Soon!

FOREX Trading

This course is for novice, beginners to intermediate traders. Your tutor would teach you how to not “gamble” your money away in the markets, by showing you how to make safe and profitable trading decisions.